The Elizabeth Hotel-FoCo Loungey Perfection!

After a perfection of a new haircut from Niki at The Parlour, (the best hairdresser ever) she told me about the new Elizabeth Hotel at 111 Chestnut St, right across the street that had just opened up, and their new rooftop bar. Now, I’m a sucker for rooftop bars and absolutely had to check it out. Convincing Peter was the toughest part, but not that tough once he saw the place too! It looked amazing when we got up there and the views of the mountains were outstanding! As you walk in, there’s a beautiful staircase. I’ll leave the gorgeous rooftop pictures to your imagination as my photos were terrible, so we definitely plan to go back not only for the best drinks and food around, but to grab some high res photos since I’d left my camera at home that day.

Definitely not the rooftop but definitely the beautiful staircase! Gorgeous poinsettias for a gorgeous Christmas decoration that don’t scream, “hey I’m a college town!” were the epitome of class! I loved them, especially since I felt like they would deter children, or people who have them (step away Johnny, they’re poison!). I have to say the fact that I didn’t see a single child the entire time, makes this entire place a DEFINITE 10 out of 10! Childfree in my book for the win! 

I got more than lucky when I met the owner (possible owner? or was it the owner of the corporation?! Even Peter couldn’t remember and he’s the one with the good memory! We were so embarrassed! I do know that his name was Max. So all I have to say is, “yes, Max! The martinis are THAT good! You gave us the best tour ever of the place and it was so accommodating! I absolutely love wine and charcuteries as well so this was perfecto!”

Best Martinis in Fort Collins…even without olives! Crafted beautifully by the best bartender I’ve met so far in Colorado, Emili! Customer Service at The Elizabeth Hotel was spectacularly first rate. Not to mention our drinks were served in the most beautiful watermarked Rona crystal glasses. As a collector of waterford, baccarat, and other fine crystal, I noticed right away these were top notch.
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We were led first through the Magic Rat, a swanky lounge bar that would make Frank Sinatra envy the band coming to play this Thursday! It was so cushy that you wanted to sink into the happy hour all the way to the break of dawn! The atmosphere both there and then into the Emporium poured into the reception and flowed into your beautiful rona crystal glasses all into the night (not to mention what seemed to be a sunset hour going until your bones feel the music again). Violins and flutes sat as decorations across the entire venue, and felt like they could come alive around you and start playing just as easily as in Beauty and the Beast, except these gorgeous flowers didn’t have a single petal missing in The Elizabeth! You could feel at home just lounging at the Magic Rat and all across the hotel, like Belle at the Ball!

Magic Rat Lounge, Definitely fly me to the moon in here! It felt like any moment a jazz singer could walk in wearing a red sparkly dress and begin soothing you with sweet melodies.


Gorgeous Decor

The Emporium seemed to be the biggest hangout of the place, with a generous happy hour and wine bottles which are a story in and of themselves. The neat thing is that you can buy your wine right at The Emporium, for retail price, have your bottle opened, corked, and then even take it home!


Part of the selection of the retail wines that you choose from at The Emporium where you can also enjoy artisan cheeses, and amazing gelato on site!

This is a place to not only enjoy your wine but to have a decent little bit of shopping, gelato, charcuterie boards, along with shirts and other fineries for sale which were not too overwhelming for the palate. Did I mention the amazing sandwiches and noodle dishes?? The full menu in the restaurant is incredible as well.

If there wasn’t glass there I would have stuck my fingers right in it. It looked THAT delicious…..

The charcuterie boards were amazing and we ordered incredible “meat cones,” with pickles and mushrooms along with other delicacies included. The entire happy hour menu was a blast! It went until 6 which was perfect. I was very “happy,” and didn’t feel rushed! I ordered my famous Martini and Peter a Negroni. He also got Macaroni while I got Oxtail sliders that were out of this world amazing!!


Definitely order. Charcuterie Cone, oxtail sliders, with Macaroni and a Negroni (does that rhyme??) and a Martini. I thought other people had ice cream before I saw they were eating meat. Which isn’t a problem for me since I’m a savory over sweets person. It was great! 

Enjoying my oxtail sliders and meat cones! Perfect! Could life get better? 

The night ended with seeing the other sights offered at the Elizabeth. The Elizabeth has awesome interesting other nooks and crannies where you can purchase other goods to remember an unforgettable time here. It’s different from anywhere else in Fort Collins which is much to my liking. As someone who is not a college student but still loves to get away, this is a perfect loungey place for luxury on a great budget. Also just to enjoy like minded atmospheric souls. It strides away from, yet in a way caters to the, “I walk my dog every day and do yoga crowd,” while also intriguing the “please satisfy my spirit that craves the unknown boundaries of the yet to be seen,” crowd (or both at the same time!). At The Elizabeth, you can easily enjoy slipping into a more simplistic time, and with all it’s beautiful authenticity as soon as the kind greeters at the door say, “Welcome to The Elizabeth Hotel,” a 10/10 is easily earned. Now for another martini!


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