4 Must Visit Restaurants in Texas

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Howdy! We just got back from an incredible Christmas in Austin, Texas and it was great to escape the cold! Mind you, it was still in the forties there so for the average Texan, they were quite chilly! We had a ball of a time visiting everyone from my home state and on the way, we grabbed the best grub the South has to offer! Some of it was new to us, and some of it was good ol’ southern comfort food!

Here is a compiled list of the four best restaurants (in our opinion) that we visited this time around! Each one falls into a different category, ranging from fast food, to upscale dining!

You can bet your bootstraps we’ll be back to each one to celebrate the state where everything is bigger, the sunsets are longer, football reigns, and the friendship is overflowing!

Here’s our list:

1. Whataburger

As an environmentally conscious traveler, it warmed my heart to see that their bags had anti litter campaigns on them. Don’t mess with Texas!

– Our first stop in Texas, as we were nearing the end of our sixteen hour trek from Colorado, was Whataburger! A Whataburger Jr absolutely hit the spot for this hungry traveler! These wonderful burgers all come with mustard (which I LOVE), but if you’re like my hubby and don’t prefer it, remember to opt for your condiments of choice! Also, these burgers are huge! One is more than enough to satisfy the appetite (that was the case for me at least). Don’t forget that famous Whataburger ketchup too!

I’m not sure what makes it so incredible, it just is! There’s definitely a cult following of Whataburger ketchup lovers in Texas too, and you can buy it at the local grocery stores like HEB. So whenever you’re visiting the Lone Star State, don’t forget to stop at the greatest burger joint in the south!

2. Tres Amigos
-As far as authentic Mexican food goes, it’s nice to fool ourselves in other states that we have it! When you get to Texas, the fresh delicious smells of authentic dishes overpower all other senses, leaving you in a state of ecstasy! From the queso to the quesadillas, to the incredible salsa and guacamole, Tres Amigos is where it’s at!

A gorgeous Christmas tree at the front greeted us as I ran to greet my best friend inside this great place!

The service was also out of this world, we were never left wondering where our food or drinks were, and the vibe was impeccably impressive! Located in Austin, Texas, Tres Amigos is not only hospitable, but thriving in every sense! Just imagining those quesadillas again makes my mouth water! Five stars and two thumbs up for Tres Amigos!

3. LongHorn Steakhouse

-For a great down home steak, this is where we were directed, and had a great, big family dinner here! As soon as you walk in, you can immediately tell from the decor that this is Texas through and through.

You can’t get much more Texas than LongHorn Steakhouse!

The Martinis were to die for!

The Flo’s Filet Mignon was great and is one of their signature dishes! It definitely rivaled that of the one at Timberline Grill in Black Hawk, and the veggies were great too. Not to mention we had wonderful fellowship with friends and family here! The service was wonderful, and overall the vibe had a very rustic cowboy feel to it. Definitely recommend, and although we only tried the steak, our relatives said the chicken and other entree’s were delicious as well. While there are other locations across the USA, you just can’t beat the originals in Texas.

4. Eddie V’s

For fine dining this is THE place to be in Austin!

-There are multiple Eddie V’s locations, however, this one in Austin is the original! It’s absolutely gorgeous from head to toe the moment you walk in. We were only able to stay for a quick happy hour drink sadly, but for the short time we were there, we were treated like royalty! Eddie V’s even offered recommendations of places to go see, and other things to do in the area! Everything was above and beyond without a doubt.

Nautical themes are displayed beautifully throughout the gorgeous restaurant that is Eddie V’s.

The decor was out of this world! Nautical themes highlight the seafood Eddie V’s specializes in.

Beautiful artwork, with many blues playing off each other. It felt like we were back in The Maldives!

The drinks were handcrafted specimens that any artist can appreciate. The bread served was very warm and soft with a garnished butter. We’ll definitely be back for a full review on all of that amazing seafood on the menu!!

An incredible selection of wines are offered at Eddie V’s.

The “Red Dragon”

Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum and Fresh Muddled Strawberries, mint and lime. Absolutely delicious! 

Just beautiful!

The service again, was so accommodating and personable! If you want to be treated like a King or Queen, make a reservation at Eddie Vs!

We had the greatest time in the South, and even got to capture a few beautiful landscapes and sunsets.

One of the many plateaus in Texas

Can’t forget those beautiful Texas Sunsets!

So next time you’re in the Austin Texas area, definitely mosie your way on down to some of the best restaurants around! Next time we’re there we’ll definitely check out more and update our list!

**Bonus Tip! The best beef jerky in the WORLD was at the only gas station open in the middle of the night in Raton, New Mexico. Clint and Sons was the name of the beef jerky, and the gas station is The Raton Truck Stop. Make sure to stop there not only for the incredible beef jerky and home made New Mexico trinkets, but also because it’s the only gas station open late at night within about 30 miles!**

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Texas? Anything we left out?

We really want to hit new stops again to come back with more new great recommendations next time!

 Have y’all a Happy New Year now!

And don’t forget to pick up some Whataburger Ketchup!

Whataburger Ketchup Variety Pack- 1 Whataburger Spicy Ketchup & 1 Whataburger Original Ketchup

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