My name is Julia, a married childfree millennial living on the front range of Colorado.
Before I start, let me clarify childfree, because many people think that means childless, or that I can’t have children. While I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Endometriosis (through surgery), my husband and I still thought we would maybe want children in the early marriage years. As we grew in our relationship though, we realized that in order to really have the things we wanted in life, children could never be in the picture. When we both envisioned our lives in the future, these included amazing travels around the world with each other, but never a life with children.
So in 2015, I got a tubal ligation, making me forever sterile, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve never been happier! Peter is also very pleased! He knows he’ll never be with a woman who’s just trying to get pregnant to keep him! I know I’m not with an insecure man who only feels fulfilled if he “spreads his seed.” This world is so overpopulated and we’re doing our part. Not to mention the multiple medical issues our children may have had, burdening ourselves and everyone around us. That may sound harsh but it’s true.
We are truly fulfilled with each other and we both have the luxury to travel and share our income. We can live a very fulfilling life and so far we have and we will. We’re very excited to explore the world!
This is a blog that focuses on luxury travel on a budget, which includes tips plus a treasure trove of info about different places all across this precious planet! We want to go everywhere that we can! New Zealand was probably our favorite place…although Maldives may be first or a close second!

My parents were very opposite growing up, with my mom loving the ocean and my dad loving the mountains. My whole life I’ve loved both, back and forth simultaneously, my heart being pulled in different directions at multiple times it seemed. With my husbands deep love for the mountains, we settled on Colorado for our home. Originally from Texas, I wasn’t far from beaches and great seafood. Now living in Colorado, while I LOVE the mountains, it’s basically impossible to get any semblance of a decent seafood meal. I love the beach with my everything, but always come home to the mountains.

This is the longest we’ve lived in one place, and we love it. As of now, my travels have included just about every state in the USA, The Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, New Zealand, Singapore, The Maldives, and soon (2018) 8 Countries in Europe. I’ll be traversing England, Ireland, Switzerland, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Happy and Safe Travels!


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