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Your first view when you step off the seaplane

Cinnamon Hakurra Huraa, located on the Meemu Atoll, Maldives is not only just in my opinion the best all inclusive Maldives resort. We met many people, in particular one delightful Brit (who got some great snapshots of us), who visits The Maldives regularly, including Bandos, Vilamandhoo, and St Regis among others. He said Cinnamon Hakurra Huraa was by the far the nicest and most relaxing all inclusive resort that he had been too…Peter and I had to agree (despite not really having a frame of reference since we hadn’t been to any of the other islands before)!

We took a beautiful Seaplane to get us to Cinnamon, and the adventure was such a grand trip once we took off! It’s about 45 minutes from Male once you arrive if you go by way of Singapore which we HIGHLY recommend even if you’re coming from the East Coast as Singapore Airlines was the nicest Airline we’ve ever been on in our lives! Stay tuned for a full review of Changi and Singapore Airlines.

Views from the plane on Silkair and also from the Seaplane…absolutely breathtaking!!! 

Photo of our seaplane leaving from Male, Maldives…not to mention the earplugs we needed for the ride! 

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After we touched down at Cinnamon, we were greeted with towels that smelled delightfully of cinnamon and were amazingly soft to the touch. Our overwater bungalow was more than one could ever dream of! The view outside was spectacular with glass french doors, and stairs that led down into the 80 degree baby blue water that was the Indian Ocean!



Just like a bath!!! 

The snorkeling was out of this world! Just stepping right down from your water bungalow, there are a huge array of multiple fish at both high and low tide waiting to greet you in the beautiful warm crystal clear water.


The super rare, Peter Fish. Along with a reflection of yours truly. He swore that I couldn’t be seen!

Other fish right outside in the beautiful clear sea.

Oh and did I mention the best bar in the universe? Sitting atop of the beautiful blue water is the bean bag laden NalhaFalhu Lounge & Bar where the best all inclusive drinks are served, along with snacks at mid morning and afternoon in between the amazing buffet meals.

Paradise Island

The “Paradise Island,” drink. Rum, strawberry preserves and lime juice if I remember correctly as we stared blissfully at Maayafushi, another popular resort in the Maldives. Bottoms up!

Of course there were other fish too…

Just popping in to say hello

Peekaboo from our bungalow!

The whole island itself is 15 acres and you can walk around the entire thing in 20 minutes if you take your time. There are two restaurants, the main one, Malaafaiy, for eating buffet meals, and The Crab restaurant, which was open for lunch to everyone and then open for special occasion dinners. Peter and I, for our wedding anniversary, booked a special lobster dinner on the beach which was out of this world! At 8pm, we walked from the bar to the other side of the island, where we were greeted by Ramesh, who we will never forget. He was a 10 star waiter who catered to our every need. He led us to a very private corner of the beach, where what awaited us was incredibleness beyond our wildest romantic dreams…

22857501_123990234938417_7537195651998679040_n Hearts on fire. And IN fire! With IN a heart fire…

A gorgeous, beautiful lit up heart drawn in the sand with a perfect table set up just for us. It was so amazing that I started to cry. We were served a perfect 4 course dinner which included lobster, salmon salad, cous cous, pistachio ice cream, fruit dishes and more. It couldn’t have been a more romantic evening.

  The pictures don’t even begin to describe it.


We were given a wonderful peanut butter chocolate layered anniversary cake which we decided to take to our bungalow for the night. After swimming in the ocean and gazing upon the milky way and what felt like a million shooting stars, we went to sleep with Remy Martin in the mini bar as the waves rocked us to sleep.

We finished off the rest of our trip with an incredible dolphin tour by dhoni boat, the traditional boats taken by Maldivians, where we saw at least over 100 dolphins where they were spinning, flipping,tossing and turning up in the air, giving us our own private show in the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean.

You could feel their aura……

 Dhoni Boat we viewed the Dolphins from. It was such a majestic tour! 


Sunset at the Chayaa Lagoon after arriving back from our tour of the Dolphins by Dhoni. It was $45 for the whole excursion.

Back to the best bar in the Universe though after the amazing tour….

  We could lay awake forever here…and we did most days

They do absolutely everything to accommodate you everywhere here! This was the most relaxing place in the world. On our last night there, they had a, “meet the managers night,” where there was a huge smorgasbord of meats, cheeses, all types of drinks you could choose from, an incredible live band, along with free 10 minute Balinese massages,fried samosas and wantons made by a wonderful chef! I have to say, we definitely gave a 10/10 review for this place! There was nothing that wasn’t done perfectly. I’m sure I’ll have more to add. For now…everything was and is perfect.

Live band, free balinese massages, wantons and samosas made to order along with crafted cocktails and hors d’oeuvres…. Cinnamon lived to serve! All while you watched rays, sharks, and other fishies swim among you. This is by far the best Maldives getaway you can find. 






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