Singapore, an absolutely gorgeous City/Country to which I’m going to be returning soon, for sure!! United Airlines recently added a route there from LAX and SFO, which caused prices to drop to 300 bucks for a round trip ticket! Of course the price drop happened and the United flight was added the literal day we arrived back in San Francisco.

We spent my birthday in Singapore on the way to The Maldives, and it was absolutely beautiful! We had a fantastic stay at the Grand Mercure Roxy, but to get to the shuttle we had to RUN because Peter and I stood around staring aimlessly for 20 minutes (mostly in awe of the gorgeous airport that is Changi, mind you) until we realized to ask someone about the shuttle. A woman handed us our stickers at the travel counter to put on and said, “you have 5 minutes until it leaves, run!!” We would have missed it if we wouldn’t have! It truly felt like an adrenaline rushing, full on travel experience running through Changi airport! I see people running through airports all the time and it always makes me feel a sense of hope for them. I just want to scream, “run run you can make it!!” I do whisper it though!

A beautiful Complimentary Cheesecake was waiting for me as soon as we got to the Roxy and check in was effortless. I thought it was so interesting that not only in The Roxy, but also in The Maldives, and the other hotel we stayed at in Singapore, you have to put your room key in a little slot to turn on the power. Whenever you go to leave your room, you take your key, and the power goes off. I thought this was brilliant not only to save power, but to keep things economic as well.


Still have my birthday card saved. It’s definitely a keepsake I won’t forget 🙂

My birthday happened while we were up in the air on Singapore Airlines, and lasted about 6 hours or so. But we had a great time anyway and had the most authentic Asian Cuisine I’d ever had in my life at The Jaya Grill. I also got to try Tiger Beer, which was more than incredible!

During our time in Singapore on the way back from The Maldives, we stayed in a tiny hotel and which was about near impossible to locate after being exhausted from our seaplane ride, then a 4 hour flight back to SIN, and a grueling struggle to figure out how to buy tickets to ride the MRT (Mass Rail Transit). Make sure if you arrive late at night in Singapore, to have the proper currency in correct amounts. It took us near 45 minutes to purchase our tickets and had to get some help from locals to figure out how to buy them. Once we were on our way though, the MRT was definitely a cool trip to take to the hotel!

After wandering around for another 45 minutes (tip: make sure to be able to read a map correctly, it’s definitely a dying art when we all rely on our smart phones GPS nowadays, but when you’re in a foreign country with no cell service, an ability to read a map GREATLY is needed!), we finally made it the two blocks from the MRT to our hotel. We did end up in a really neat area with some cool looking mosques though! It would have been a lot more interesting to explore if it wasn’t raining and we weren’t exhausted. Another tip: Singapore definitely IS a super clean city, but when it rains, watch carefully how you walk or be wearing some super non slick shoes because we kept almost falling over constantly! That certainly increased the time it took to get to the hotel too as we had to keep watching our footing. Looking back now it was probably quite a sight.

After checking into our hotel we finally were off on our way in a taxi to Gardens by the Bay! What an incredible sight to behold!! The Super Trees were the most incredible man  made structures I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Not only are they magnificently beautiful, but they serve a purpose as well. The trees collect rainwater, and have solar panels on the top which generate power.




I think being exhausted added even more to the awe.

There were even some awesome pumpkins lit up on display on one of the ceilings for Halloween. The Gardens by the Bay were absolutely a sight to behold.


Definitely a trip!

From there, we walked to the Marina Bay Sands and it was about 1am. We were so exhausted that we skipped going inside, but we were able to catch a second taxi where we got dropped off at the coolest local food cart area. When you get to the food carts, prepare to be bombarded with not only amazing smells, but awesome Singaporeans offering the BEST satay in the whole world! Chicken, mutton, and Prawns, along with cheese, mushrooms, and the best dipping sauce we’ve ever had. I still dream of it to this day. Yum.


Best. Satay. Ever.

We take our third taxi back to the Fragrance hotel (staying in the red light district was an adventure in and of itself!) and got a couple of hours of sleep before taking the MRT back to Changi. We noticed the MRT has a clear wall to prevent people from pushing (or jumping onto) the train tracks. We thought this was an interesting factoid, especially since there had just been a story of a man who pushed a woman onto subway tracks in Malaysia had just made the news a week before.

You could definitely say that we had a whirlwind tour of Singapore, but with our flight in the air, we got a 48 hour Halloween, part of which we also spent in San Francisco where we spent our 4 year wedding anniversary. It was quite a trip to come back to America and see everyone wearing costumes (this is seriously our country? what happened while we were gone?!).

We can’t wait to get back to Singapore and make it the focus of our trip. Everything about Singapore is so special, and the people there were all incredible. 10/10 recommend.

For a list of hotels in your price range in the great City/Country of Singapore, check out this great interactive local map! This map also includes a list of restaurants with reviews for everything there as well.


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